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PIC/S, EU GMP Annex 1 개정 임박

EU GMP Annex 1 개정안 (2020년 버전) 주요 내용 중 일부 발췌

Grade A/B 구역의 부유균 연속 모니터링 요구
9.27 Continuous viable air monitoring in the Grade A zone (e.g. air sampling or settle plates) should be undertaken for the full duration of critical processing, including equipment (aseptic set-up) assembly and filling operations. A similar approach should be considered for Grade B cleanrooms based on the risk of impact on the aseptic processing …

Classification의 부유입자, 부유균 기준 변경

Grade A : at rest, in operation 모두 5㎛ 측정하지 않음
Grade B : at rest에서 5㎛ 측정하지 않음

Table 1 : Maximum permitted airborne particulate concentration during classification

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Grade A : No Growth. 미생물 허용되지 않음

Table 2. Limits for microbial contamination during qualification

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개정에 만족하는 유일한 환경모니터링 솔루션
작업/공정 중의 전체 시간 모니터링(샘플링)이 가능한 PMS 환경모니터링 솔루션

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